A Frenchman in New York | YANiC DJ NEW YORK

NYC here we are! 

After spending 34 years in France, my wife and I decided to move to UNYCS !

She is american and I have to say that France didn’t make it easy for her. She missed USA and I was pretty excited by this new challenge, so let’s go!

Bye Bye Cannes, Monaco! Bye Bye Champagne, Rosé and sunny beaches… Hello Beer, Pizzas and BBQ Ribs!

Direction California first, to see her family, and then New York Jan 2015, with the expectation to find a good carrier for both of us.

Can’t wait to discover New York nightclubs, lounge bars, restaurants and to listen to amazing DJs.

Can’t wait to start spinning again…

New Life, new Name, new Website!

I changed “DJ Yannick L” (too long to spell) to a morDJ YANiC NYCe straight forward “DJ YANiC” … and I re-designed my website.

I loved the previous one, I worked hard to learn to code it from scratch, but times change, and now it’s “All about the Blog”, so let’s go for WordPress.

The new design is more urban, chic, sober and interactive. I still give an important place to social media because I think this is the way to do. I wanna keep in touch every day with my network, the people I like to work with or the DJs and other people that inspire me.

Second page is the Biography. At first, it just look like a very classic one but if you look closer, you can click on the DJ Residencies/Events/Venues I played for and it forwards you to their website… So you can see what it looks like. I did it because most of the places might be well know by French people, but I am aware it can be a bit obscure for my new american audience.

In third position, you’ll find the Music section, with a bunch of DJ sets I recorded, organized by genre. I always have a hard time to put tags on music, as I like to mix genres together, but I tried to do it the best possible, so you can find the kind of music you are looking for.

After taking care of your ears, let’s take care of your eyes… The Images section is divided in 2 categories. The gallery section shows the previous events and venues I worked for, mainly in France and St Barth at this date. I added an Instagram feed page where the pictures shows up in a random order every time. This app is really cool and I never forget to take a little shot of the gigs I do.

And then comes the Videos section. The first one upload as been recorded during a congress called ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market). The last 4 years, I was spinning for this amazing party hosted by Majestic Hotel, Cannes, French Riviera. And each time, it’s a really great crowd to DJ to, they let it all out 🙂 !

To finish, the classic Contact Page, from where you can reach me. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or inquieries.


Looking forward to working with you, meeting you on a gig or going to listen to your DJ set….

Alrrrright….. it was my first post 🙂 !


That’s all folks!

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