Wedding Dj Prices in San Diego

I am sure you all know terrible stories about the unprofessional, tasteless DJ or DJ who only played their music style and refused to accept requests from the floor.

Here’s a general overview of what you should consider acceptable for DJ services depending on your event particular needs.

For example, small private parties / small corporate event prices are typically lower compared to larger corporate event prices. Setting your wedding budget depends on what type of experience you desire.

If you do not want the risk of an unexperienced DJ ruining your party playing unsuitable music, not considering timing or coordination with other vendors or simply not having the knowledge to perform announcements.

Under $ 600:

Most likely a part-time or bedroom DJ with little experience.

Under $1000:

Little more experienced, but can be too conventional and stay in the mainstream playlists. The beginners and mediocre DJs can be part of a package, meaning that the venue can charge $ 800 for DJ services and pay $ 400 for DJ services. In fact, this means you get the level of quality of a $ 400 DJ!

$ 1,200 and over:

Far more experienced, trained professionally, probably a full – time DJ or part of a company like MY DJs who train to become a well-highly experienced, interactive DJ and MC. These pros are cameleons and can improvise, anticipate and tailor their performance to the client needs.

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