DJ YANiC, French DJ based in New York


Resident DJ at Zuma, 261 Madison Ave, NYC

& Nomo Soho NYC

“Cannes, on the French Riviera, is a perfect place to have a life changing moment as it happened for me one night in December of 2010.

Two years prior to that, I had been working as a DJ for a big resort company. This job allowed me to travel form Normandy to the French Alps and then Tahiti, but I wasn’t happy with the music the company wanted me to play. I had ideas of my own that I wanted to pursue.

I left the company to become a freelance DJ. I moved to the South of France because that’s where a lot of action is and it’s a place where things happen; I was also pulled there by the sun. After a rough start, I found a job as a Sound Technician in an events planning company. Keeping in mind my dream of becoming a DJ, I always kept a box of Cds with me so that I might be prepared in the event that the actual DJ of the event got sick or for some other reason was ill disposed. I believed it was important to always be ready.

On that life changing night in December of 2010, I was working as the assistant sound technician in the beautiful Gala room of the Majestic Barriere Hotel, with its formidable atmosphere and huge chandeliers hanging gracefully from the ceiling. A duo of Djs had been spinning for about 4 hours doing a pretty good job. People were dancing and grooving and having a great time.

At two in the morning, when the crowd was really partying hard, the Djs cut the music in accordance with the venue’s deadline that had been previously agreed upon and left the stage. The crowd, which consisted of about 1500 heads of famous international travel companies, was mad that the party was coming to an end.

I told to myself, Man, this might be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

I went on stage with my box of cd’s and played the first track. The crowd exploded and went back to dancing. Then I saw the security guys running toward me, ready to kick me off from the the stage with the managers of the venue. What saved me was the intervention of the client who actually paid for the use of the venue. She said, “No please, we will pay for the additional cost but let him play, he’s great!”

There are moments in life that change the course of your life. That was mine. After that night, I became the official DJ for that annual event and did it for 4 years in a row and there is a lot more for me to come…”

DJ Yanic Majestic Barriere Cannes DJ New Yok


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